Probio mist

Probio mist

Recommended for dogs and cats like this.

Dogs and cats with strong bad breath

For children who have difficulty brushing their teeth daily

For children who want to support their entire oral environment

280 types of natural beneficial bacteria ionized water double supports the oral and intestinal environments.

It is said that there are two types of bad breath in dogs and cats: one is due to oral problems such as tartar and periodontal disease, and the other is due to poor intestinal environment.
Probio Mist supports your pet's health by spraying good bacteria ionized water into the mouth, and by swallowing it, it supports your pet's health both from the mouth and from the intestines.
Probio mist

Made from only natural ingredients, it is safe and secure even in homes with human babies and pregnant women!

●280 types of beneficial bacteria ionized water
Probio mist is water fermented using soy protein. Water containing bifidobacteria supports your pet's health from inside the mouth.

●Alkaline ionized water for food
Mixed with alkaline ionized water.
Oral bacteria are said to be difficult to breed in an alkaline environment, and tartar is also caused by oxidation, so alkaline water makes it easier to remove stains.
Probio mist

How to use Probio mist

Probio mist
Push directly into your mouth!
Spray 2-3 times on each side every day.
For fearful dogs and cats, mix it with drinking water and give it to them.

If you mix it with drinking water, the ingredients will be diluted, so we recommend mixing a large amount.
Probio mist
Probio mist
capacity : 80ml


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[ raw materials ]
Alkaline ionized water containing unique fermenting beneficial bacteria

[ Preservation method ]
After use, close the cap and store at room temperature in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

[ how to use ]
Turn your dog's/cat's lips slightly and spray 2-3 times on each side, focusing on the back teeth and gums. The water you swallow supports the intestinal environment.